KARD’s BM Revealed Actor Park Eunseok From “Penthouse” Will Star In His Upcoming Music Video For New Song “Broken Me” 

Park Eunseok is one of his favorite actors!

KARD‘s BM will be releasing a new solo song “Broken Me” in June, and the first teaser gives a glimpse into the futuristic style of this rock-based song.

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In an interview with Pop Wrapped, BM revealed that “Broken Me” has an intimate message about being at war with oneself, and he hopes that he can give fans more confidence and hope when they’re down.

Anyone and everyone that goes through the experiences of life knows that there are as many downs as there are ups in the journey. During that experience, a lot of the battles are fought in our own heads and hearts and ‘Broken Me’ is a story of being able to overcome those endeavors and fighting through all those wars within.


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BM also shared that he is eager to release the song because he will not only be “able to showcase a different side of me no one has ever seen,” but also because he will get to show some acting in the music video along with a special guest star.

Park Eunseok (left) and BM (right) | @bigmatthewww/Instagram

He revealed that actor Park Eunseok from Penthouse will be starring in his music video, a fact that shocked not only fans but himself as well.

This collaboration I feel will have people shocked because even I would have never imagined being in the same project as one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite dramas.


“Broken Me” will also be an OST for Park Eunseok’s short film The Brave New World. Take a look at the first solo teaser BM has released below!

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