KARD’s BM Reveals What His Relationship With DSP Media Is Like

He shared what he thinks about his agency!

KARD‘s BM recently held an #AskMeAnything (AMA) session on Reddit, where he talked about his solo debut, thoughts on mental health, and more!

BM | @KARD_Official/Twitter

One of the question BM received from user @sleepingbunn was about his agency, DSP Media, and he was asked to share his what his relationship with the company was like!

If you weren’t under DSP, what other K-Pop company do you think you’d be likely to be in?

BM joined DSP Media as a trainee, and trained for 4 and a half years under the agency, before making his official debut with KARD in 2017. After having been with them for so long, BM shared that he has a great relationship with his agency, one that he worked hard to build over the years!

I feel like an answer for anyone is this, the generic answer is, ‘No other company, I love my company.’ But my real answer is – ‘I REALLY Love my company.’

I worked hard to gain their trust and be able to have them not fear being able to have me organize and navigate my whole artistry. Initially, companies want to sell songs, CDS and products the artists create. Whether the artists or producers create it themselves. But for me, I am in a place right now where I have been able to push and release what I want to release.

Not a lot of companies can do that or want to give that type of privilege to their artists.


| @BigMatthewww_/Twitter

He then revealed that he hopes to return that faith in him with great results, and also hopes to be an artist that takes the company to the next level!

I’m in a great state with DSP – I trust them and they trust me. We had bumps in the road before that but right now things look very well. I feel like I am changing a lot of the standards in the company too. I hope we continue to have a good relationship.

Now – I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I want to be the reason they are a legendary company!


Here’s to BM achieving new heights with his music!

He made his solo debut with the single “Broken Me”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Reddit


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