KARD Are Set To Meet Fans At Home Through Their Live Online Mini-Concert

KARD are bring the concert experience to Hidden KARD!

While fans may not be able to physically go out to concerts right now, KARD are bringing their concert right to Hidden KARD through their live mini-concert!

Image: @official_kard/Instagram

On May 6, KARD announced they would be hosting a LIVE In Your Living Room mini-concert. Like the concert’s name suggests, KARD’s concert will be streamed live online for fans!

Even more exciting, fans all over the world will be able to catch the concert as it will be broadcasting for free on their official Instagram account and Facebook page!

So even if Hidden KARD can’t meet KARD in person, they can cheer them on and get an amazing concert experience from home! KARD’s LIVE In Your Living Room is set to go live at 10 PM KST on May 8.

Image: @official_kard/Instagram