KARD Shock With Sexual “CAKE” Choreography For Their 2023 World Tour

BM warned fans…

KARD is shocking everyone with their new provocative and sexy choreography for the song “CAKE.”

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Previously, the co-ed K-Pop group went viral for their sexual innuendoes in their sixth mini album ICKY‘s title track of the same name.

It’s ’bout to get risky
Hands gettin’ frisky
Threw it back, caught it like frisbee
Aroma pheromones diffusin’ all over
Situation might get sticky, icky, icky
(Woah) Got you excited
Said she want more than a tip
I ain’t talkin’ ’bout guidance
Dale, mami is wildin’, body temp’ risin’
Give you what you been desirin’, ooh



anyways stream icky #dprabi #kard @KARD

♬ original sound – abi

BM was amused by netizens’ reactions, knowing “ICKY” was tame in comparison to other songs, including “CAKE,” which is featured on the same album. Let’s just say the song is certainly not about the baked dessert. He forewarned fans that the “CAKE” choreography was going to be “freaky” too.

Cake on, on my body
Cake, I’ma move my body
Cake, don’t you want a taste?
Make you wanna put your to-tongue all on it
Cake, don’t let a bite go to waste


Now, “CAKE” is garnering attention as KARD recently embarked on their 2023 WORLD TOUR <PLAYGROUND>. While the group is known to include sensual choreography, nothing could have prepared concert-goers for the new choreography…

The entire “CAKE” choreo is sexy AF. Still, there is one moment in particular that if you were still unsure about the song’s meaning, you now know for sure.

There’s a lot of grinding and even shirt-lifting. Still, the moment that “takes the cake” is this…

Fans were shook by the sexual choreography. By now, many K-Pop fans are used to a little bit of provocative choreography, including humping, but what makes this most shocking is probably the fact that it’s a co-ed group dancing such moves with each other.

Some potential concert-goers are now wondering if they should not have bought tickets to go with their parents. Maybe double-check the set list and ask them to get a snack?

Well, no one can say BM didn’t warn them.

Read more about KARD’s sexy discography below.

Netizens Shocked By Sexual Lyrics In KARD’s “ICKY,” But It’s Mild Compared To Their Other Songs

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