Katy Louise Saunders’s Past Commercial With George Clooney Goes Viral

“Unnie, please continue acting.”

A past commercial featuring Katy Louise Saunders and George Clooney is going viral.

Katy Louise Saunders | OSEN

Ever since Song Joong Ki announced his marriage to his girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders, all eyes have been on the couple, and amid the fanfare, a past commercial featuring the former British actress has netizens shocked.

On February 1, a netizen’s post on an online community went viral. In the post titled, “When Song Joong Ki’s Wife Was In a British Nespresso Commercial,” the author uploaded a Nespresso commercial featuring Katy Louise Saunders.

Netizens couldn’t help but do a double-take when they watched the commercial, not only because of Katy Louise Saunders but also because of who else starred in the commercial. In the commercial, Katy Louise Saunders’s co-star is none other than Hollywood A-lister George Clooney!

George Clooney (left) and Katy Louise Saunders (right) | Nespresso

| Nespresso

Netizens expressed awe and welcomed the surprise. Turns out the commercial is quite famous in Korea, as many netizens stated they remembered watching it.

  • “Wait, she’s the woman in this commercial? I know this (commercial) so well!”
  • “She’s pretty AF. To begin with, she’s so charming.”
  • “I remember watching this commercial, LOL. If she filmed a commercial with George Clooney, then she must have been pretty famous.”
  • “Didn’t this commercial play in Korea as well?”
  • “Woah. Unnie, please continue acting.”
  • “I, too, remember watching this commercial. She’s such a beauty.”

Meanwhile, Katy Louise Saunders and Song Joong Ki recently announced that they have registered their marriage and are expecting their first child together. Read more about the announcement in the link below!

Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage And Wife’s Pregnancy


Source: theqoo