KBS deems MFBTY’s tracks unfit for broadcast

Six tracks from MFBTY‘s new album WondaLand was determined by KBS as unfit for broadcast.

Comprised of the trio of members Bizzy, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mi Rae, hip-hop group MFBTY released their first full length album in March, and recently took the 8th place on Billboard’s World Albums Charts.

Yet, six tracks from their album were deemed ineligible to broadcast by broadcast station KBS, due to the mention of abusive language and specific products and brands in the lyrics, making them inappropriate to be on broadcast. The banned tracks include “Buckubucku,” “Yayaya,” “BizzyTigerYoonmirae,” “Let It Go,” “Rebel Music,” and “Hollywho.”

Meanwhile, other tracks banned due to similar reasons include Super Junior D&E‘s “Love That I Need” and Andup‘s “Smoke It Away” and “Every night.”

Source: Star News