Here Are All The Winners From The “2021 KBS Drama Awards”

🥳 Congratulations to all the winners!✨

The 2021 KBS Drama Awards took place on December 31st at the KBS Hall in Seoul,  celebrating the talented cast and staff from the channel’s most successful productions of K-Dramas of the year. Check out all the winners from the ceremony!

Top Excellence Awards

Actress Kim So Hyun

Female: Actress Kim So Hyun for River Where the Moon Rises and actress Park Eun Bin for The King’s Affection

Male: Actor Lee Do Hyun for Youth of May and actor Cha Tae Hyun for Police University

Excellence Awards For Short K-Dramas

Female: Actress Go Min Si for Youth of May and actress Kwon Nara for Royal Secret Agent

Actor Kim Min Jae

Male: Actor Kim Min Jae for Dali and Cocky Prince and actor Jung Yong Hwa for Sell Your Haunted House

Excellence Awards For Daily K-Dramas

Female: Actress So Yi Hyun for Red Shoes and actress Han Da Gam for The All-Round Wife

Actor Ryu Jin

Male: Actor Ryu Jin for Be My Dream Family

Excellence Awards For Long K-Dramas

Actress Park Ha Na

Female: Actress Park Ha Na for Young Lady and Gentleman and actress Hong Eun Hee for Revolutionary Sisters

Male: Actor Yoon Joo Sang for Revolutionary Sisters

Best Supporting Actor Awards

Female: Actress Geum Sae Rok for Youth of May and actress Ham Eun Jung for Be My Dream Family and Love Twist

Actor Lee Yi Kyung

Male: Actor Lee Yi Kyung for Royal Secret Agent and actor Choi Dae Chul for Hello, Me! and Revolutionary Sisters

Popularity Awards

Female: Actress Kim So Hyun for River Where the Moon Rises and actress Park Eun Bin for The King’s Affection

SF9’s Rowoon

Male: Actor Rowoon of SF9 for The King’s Affection and Jinyoung of B1A4 for Police University

Best Writer Award

Writer Kim Sa Kyung for Young Lady and Gentleman

Drama Special And TV Cinema Awards

Actress Jeon So Min

Female: Actress Kim Sae Ron for The Palace and actress Jeon So Min for Hee Soo

Male: Actor Park Sung Hoon for Hee Soo

Best Couple Awards

Park Gyu Young (left) and Kim Min Jae (right)

Dali and Cocky Prince couple Park Gyu Young and Kim Min Jae

River Where the Moon Rises couple Kim So Hyun and Na In Woo

School 2021 couple Cho Yi Hyun and Kim Yo Han

Lee Do Hyun (left) and Go Min Si (right)

Youth of May couple Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun

Young Lady and Gentleman couple Lee Se Hee and Ji Hyun Woo

The King’s Affection couple Park Eun Bin and Rowoon

Jinyoung (left) and Cha Tae Hyun (right)

Police University couple Cha Tae Hyun and Jinyoung

Best Child Actor Awards

Female: Actress Lee Re for Hello, Me! and actress Choi Myung Bin for The King’s Affection and Young Lady and Gentleman

Seo Woo Jin (left) and Jo Yi Hyun (right)

Male: Actor Seo Woo Jin for Young Lady and Gentleman and actor Jo Yi Hyun for Youth of May

Best New Actor Awards

Female: Actress Park Gyu Young for Dali and Cocky Prince, actress Lee Se Hee for Young Lady and Gentleman and Krystal of f(x) for Police University

Actor Kim Yo Han

Male: Actor Kim Yo Han for School 2021, actor Na In Woo for River Where the Moon Rises, and actor Rowoon of SF9 for The King’s Affection

Daesang (Grand Prize)

Actor Ji Hyun Woo

Actor Ji Hyun Woo takes home the Grand Prize for his stellar acting in Young Lady and Gentleman!

Oh wow, I did not expect to win such an honorable prize. Thank you so much for the award. Personally though, I consider this an award for the whole show and cast. I’m taking this award home on behalf of everyone who worked on Young Lady and Gentleman.

I’ve been getting more recognized since taking on the role in Young Lady and Gentleman, especially when I go eat at different restaurants mid-shoot.I’m honestly so grateful that I get to bring entertainment to these viewers. And I know that this means I need to work harder, so that I can better portray the characters and the emotions I’m meant to deliver.

I still get nervous and anxious when I stand in front of the camera. I’m fully aware that I’m able to do what I do, with the support of many others. I could not have made it without the fellow cast and staff of Young Lady and Gentleman, so thank you so much. And I promise to try my best at all times, so that I can continue to move hearts with my acting.

— Ji Hyun Woo

Congratulations to all the winners!

Source: NEWS1