KBS To Edit Out Ji Soo From “River Where the Moon Rises” Episodes 7-8, Re-film Entire Series Starting From Episode 9

They will re-film over half the drama.

KBS has announced their drama plans regarding actor Ji Soo, who’s currently involved in bullying accusations. The broadcast station explained that they will edit him out as much as they can from episode 7 and 8 and will refilm the drama starting from episode 9.

| KBS 

KBS has announced their official stance on the future of River Where the Moon Rises, stating that scheduled reruns will be cancelled and the series will continue on with a new cast member for Ji Soo’s role.

We will be cancelling the reruns that were scheduled for this weekend, that show Ji Soo in them.

We have decided to air episodes 7 and 8 as they were scheduled to air soon, and we will delete as many scenes with Ji Soo as possible. Starting with episode 9, we will re-film the scenes that would have included Ji Soo and broadcast with the newly filmed scenes.

KBS recognizes the severity of the incident and we reviewed all possible measures, including the possibility of cancelling the entire drama, but if we were to cancel the drama entirely, we could not help but worry that the viewers who were enjoying the show would feel disappointed.

We ask for your understanding and continued interest in River Where the Moon Rises.



KBS made their decision after a day of internal discussions. KBS previously confirmed that Ji Soo would be removed from the drama, and actor Bae In Hyuk is in discussions to replace him.

Source: Joy News24
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