KBS lifts ban of Dalshabet’s “JOKER” following lyric modification

Korean broadcasting channel KBS has reconsidered its initial ban of Dalshabet‘s recent comeback title track “JOKER” after re-evaluating it.

The track was initially deemed unfit for broadcast after KBS stated that the repetition of “Joker” was inappropriate. Specifically the line “Joker, I want it, I am out of breath, baby good night” could be interpreted as a male and woman having intercourse.

Happy Face Entertainment has re-submitted a modified version of the song with several of the lines changed, including “Hey Mr. Joker, why are you shaking me up” to “Hey Mr. Joker, you are a bad boy,” “I want it” to “I love you,” and “I am out of breath, baby good night” to “Come a little closer, baby tonight.” 

Because of the modification, KBS has granted the group to appear and perform on Music Bank. Because of their song’s initial ban, Dalshabet was not seen for a comeback stage on the music show last week.

With the lifted ban and modified lyrics, the girl group will perform their comeback stage on April 24th.

Source: OSEN