KBS News Accidentally Shows Weather Forecaster Texting On Her Phone During Live Broadcast

The mistake happened during a COVID-19 coverage.

On a recent airing of KBS News, reporter, Lee Chung Heon, a science specialist, made an appearance to explain the current circumstances regarding COVID-19.


But as soon as Reporter Lee Chung Heon attempted to show a photo, weather forecaster, Kim Ji Hyo appeared, catching everybody off guard.


Forecaster Kim Ji Hyo was shown smiling at her phone while texting, not realizing that she was being captured live on the air.


One staff even approached Forecaster Kim Ji Hyo in an attempt to set her up with a mic.


Although the screen was switched immediately, 6 seconds of the incident ended up being broadcasted.

During the shot, the caption below also indicated the number of new deaths that arose due to COVID-19, making the mistake look even more shocking.

Shortly after the broadcast, netizens took to social media and online communities to express their shock.

| @jihyo_krystal/Instagram

Some of the comments include “I was serious when I was watching the news so that totally shocked me”, “I feel like the weather forecaster must’ve been shocked afterwards too”, and “I’m worried because I feel like the engineering team will have to put out an apology“.

Source: Insight