Even The KBS News9 Cameraman Was In Awe Of BTS V’s Beautiful Face

You can hear the cameraman’s voice in the background.

In light of BTS‘s new record of placing 1st on Billboard‘s Hot 100, the worldwide superstars appeared on KBS News9 to talk about their accomplishments as well as various other topics.

As expected for BTS, everything was broadcasted live starting from when they appeared at the show to when they left.

And footage shot by one of the cameramen of KBS News 9 before the interview began has gained much attention on the internet.

The cameraman was shooting closeup footage of V looking godly as usual.

And while capturing his beauty on camera, the cameraman could be heard exclaiming in the background.


— Cameraman

Fans are sympathizing with the cameraman with comments such as “Oh my gosh, I can hear it“, “It sounds like such an honest exclamation“, “Yeah, he’s that good-looking“, “He should be in movies“, and “I’m not the only one hearing it, right?

Check it out with the volume on. Can you hear it, too?

Did the cameraman just exclaim in awe while filming Taehyung? (Wow…)


Source: Dispatch


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