KBS To Reportedly Drop Ji Soo As Lead Actor Of Drama “River Where the Moon Rises”

They are trying to search for his replacement.

KBS has reportedly made its decision to drop Ji Soo as the lead actor for their drama River Where The Moon Rises.

| KBS 

According to an exclusive report from News1, KBS made the decision to drop Ji Soo as their main actor after a series of careful discussions. The production team is still ironing out other details, such as who the replacement actor would be, whether Ji Soo’s previously filmed cuts will be aired, and when the replacement actor would be worked into the plot. Currently, the scripts are completed up until episode 18, and Ji Soo has already filmed 95% of his parts up to that point.


In addition, filming that was previously scheduled for March 5 has also been cancelled. Originally, filming was scheduled to resume on March 4 following Ji Soo’s apology letter.

In response to the news, KBS has announced they will reveal their official position on whether Ji Soo will be removed from the cast tomorrow, March 5.

Source: News1 and Osen

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