KBS “The Unit” Messed Up Final Scores For 3 Trainees, Allowing Them To Redebut When They Shouldn’t Have

That means 3 trainees were unfairly removed from their debut position.

KBSs idol rebooting program The Unit has been revealed to have messed up the final scores for three trainees, allowing them to debut when they should not have.

The Unit | KBS

According to a report revealed by KBS themselves, The Unit‘s last episode included a series of errors in the vote counting process, which ultimately led to three trainees to re-debut with UNB and UNI.T when they were not supposed to.

During the final episode, the results were meant to be selected by adding two sets of votes: online pre-show votes times three, and real-time text message voting times nine. The sum of the two scores would result in the final vote tally for each trainee. However, an internal audit determined that the online pre-show votes for 15 out of the 18 male finalists and 13 out of the 18 female finalists were different than the actual results.

UNB | The Unit Culture Industry Company

In the process of manually entering the online pre-show votes, the freelance writers hired to do so mistakenly entered the wrong vote total, thus improperly calculating their score, and KBS simply accepted the final vote results without double checking them. As a result, two male finalists and one female finalist who were not meant to make it into UNB and UNI.T respectively were placed into the final debut lineup.

KBS told the Board of Audit and Inspection that they will take measures to prevent such a reoccurrence in the future.

We will take measures such as preparing an audition program manual for audition programs and use this incident as an opportunity to make sure we can prevent such similar incidents from happening again in the future.

The participants’ online pre-show voting was entered differently from the actual pre-show voting results, and during the final episode, this simple mistake occurred because we were in a situation where only three out of 10 of our internal producers were present due to the KBS general strike. There were no other intentions, such as giving certain contestants an advantage so they could be selected.


UNB and UNI.T both promoted for a short while after the conclusion of the show.

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Source: SPOTV