KCON Preparing To Return As An Online Concert In June

You may be able to watch KCON online.

KCON, which was cancelled earlier in the year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, will reportedly be held as an untact (online) concert.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, CJ ENM has been confirmed to be preparing to host KCON online. While no definite schedule has been set yet, it has been reported that CJ ENM is currently coordinating the schedule and appearances with a number of agencies, with the goal of hosting the event sometime in June.

KCON being hosted online is expected to quench the thirst of K-Pop fans worldwide who have been disappointed with the cancellation of many concerts around the world. Although the date, location, and method of the concert have not been decided, many agencies who have received CJ ENM’s offer are currently considering accepting.

KCON 2020 Japan was cancelled on March 6 while KCON 2020 New York was cancelled back on March 26. While there have been no official announcements of KCON 2020 LA, it is highly expected the event will be cancelled.

In addition, there was supposed to be a KCON 2020 Russia on May 23 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Korea and Russia, but the event has been postponed until July. If the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the event will be further pushed back to September.

Source: Sports Seoul