K-Drama “Penthouse” Concludes Script-Writing For Season 2 And Teases Fans About Season 3

Here’s all we know.

K-Drama Penthouse has everyone raving. From huge plot twists to thrilling murders, even light-hearted teen romance, Penthouse has it all. With season two almost halfway through, it has been reported that the writing team behind the hit drama has completed the script.

Due to the sudden success of season one, the show was renewed for two more seasons at short notice. While season one was almost 100% pre-produced, season two was produced and aired concurrently. As of March 9, 2021, Penthouse season two finally has its ending in the works. All of the actors involved have received the scripts and will begin filming for the finale soon. It is reported that the finale will have many plot twists and surprises in store for its audience.

Regarding season three, the cast will have two weeks of break after the filming for season two ends. They will immediately begin filming for season three then. Season three will be the end of the Penthouse series which has received much love over the course of the year.

Unfortunately, while seasons one and two have been airing twice a week, season three will only be airing once a week. Stay tuned for more about the hit series!

Source: SPOTV