Ji Chang Wook And BIBI’s Steamy Kiss Scene In “The Worst Of Evil” Sparks Mixed Reactions

It was nearly 3 minutes!

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A steamy new K-Drama kiss is going viral, but netizens have mixed reactions about it.

Recently, the anticipated K-Drama, The Worst of Evil, starring Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, Im Se Mi, and BIBI, premiered.

Set in the 1990s, The Worst of Evil follows undercover police investigators who infiltrate a massive criminal organization responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, China and Japan.

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As expected from K-Dramas, viewers were treated to some kiss scenes before Episode 10. Yet, there’s one that stood out among the rest.

The kiss in question is between Ji Chang Wook and BIBI, who play undercover cop Park Jun Mo/Kwon Seung Ho, and Korean Chinese drug distributor Lee Hae Ryeon, respectively.

Ji Chang Wook
BIBI | Disney+

In Episode 8, Lee Hae Ryeon and Park Jun Mo entered a room together. The door had hardly closed before Lee Hae Ryeon pushed Park Jun Mo against the wall.

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She aggressively kissed him. He attempted to break from it more than once, but she continued.

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Lee Hae Ryeon removed both their coats before dragging him to the nearest sofa. There, she got on top of him and continued making out with him.

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Throughout the nearly 3-minute scene, Lee Hae Ryeon aggressively kissed Park Jun Mo on his lips and neck. Meanwhile, he looked like he was gasping for air or even looking for an escape route.

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Lee Hae Ryeon bit his lip multiple times throughout the steamy scene, something rarely seen in the average K-Drama.

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The makeout session felt incredibly one-sided. Park Jun Mo had totally removed himself from it when Lee Hae Ryeon grabbed his hands and placed them underneath her shirt.

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Finally, the phone started ringing, and Park Jun Mo looked to answer it. Yet, Lee Hae Ryeon attempted to capture his attention again by unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her bra.

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Lee Hae Ryeon refused to stop until the door opened, and a man walked in. She appeared annoyed as her plans were defeated.


The scene went viral with 419.7K views at the time of writing. The Worst of Evil fans were blown away by the hot makeout scene, with some even calling it the “best kiss scene ever.”

Yet, many netizens found the entire scene problematic. For one thing, Park Jun Mo is a married man and not to Lee Hae Ryeon! He found himself in a compromising situation as an undercover cop trying to gain Lee’s trust to dismantle a criminal organization.

Additionally, Park Jun Mo appeared uncomfortable throughout the entire nearly 3-minute-long scene. Netizens went so far as to call Lee Hae Ryeon’s actions as “sexual harassment” as she forced himself on him despite his attempts to break out of her embrace.

K-Drama fans reminded the internet that Ji Chang Wook has much better kiss scenes in other K-Dramas, and they were consensual. Likewise, some brought up King the Land, which was praised for emphasizing the importance of consent in a kiss scene.

The Worst of Evil is available for international streaming via Hulu or Disney+.

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