4th Gen Idol Goes Viral For Her Flawless Visuals At A Baseball Game

She’s stunning!

Recently, Kep1er attended Kiwoom Heroes baseball game where they performed “Giddy” and “Back To The City.” Choi Yujin is quickly gaining attention online for her fairy-like beauty!

Choi Yujin (Kep1er) | @Yujin_960812/Twitter

With her long “goddess” hairstyle, the look is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Even non-fans are flocking to her posts…

| @Yujin_960812/Twitter

…and they’re totally falling for her bright and excited expressions!

  •  saw another community where they were talking about Kep1er at the baseball match ㅋㅋ Her expressions look like she’s enjoying it so much”
  • “Her smile is damn pretty”
  • “Wow she’s so pretty she looks like Tweety”
  • “Pretty”
| @Yujin_960812/Twitter

Additionally, she shows off her flawless figure in a cropped baseball jersey and jeans.

| @Yujin_960812/Twitter
| MK Sports

From her perfect physique to her bright smile, Yujin has no flaws!

| @cthemomentsss/Twitter
| @Yujin_960812/Twitter 

Source: Nate Pann


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