Kep1er Have Different Names For Their Group Chat, And It Reflects Their Unique Personalities

They even surprised each other 😂

K-Pop girl group Kep1er sat down for an interview with Seventeen, where they described each member’s personalities, shared some of their fondest memories together, and even revealed what they named their group chat!

Check out the four very different ways the members named their GC below.

1. Jjangp1er

The first member to share her answer was none other than Chaehyun. She combined two words—”Jjang,” Korean for “great,” and their very own name, Kep1er, to make “Jjangp1er”. Out of the bunch, hers is arguably the most creative!

2. Kep1er ❤

There’s creative, now get ready for sweet. Yujin, Mashiro, and Dayeon all placed a heart at the end of the word “Kep1er.” It’s an effective way to show how they think fondly of their group.

3. Kep1er Members

On the other hand, Huening Bahiyyih revealed that she chose the name “Kep1er Members.” It’s simple and straight forward.

4. None

Last but not the least, Xiaoting and Youngeun laughingly admitted that they didn’t bother changing the name at all! For now, all the members’ names are shown by default.

Want to learn more about Kep1er? If so, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube