Kep1er Fans Criticize Korean YouTuber For Ridiculing The Girl Group With His Exaggerated Dance Cover

“The facial expressions are f*cking disgusting…”

Korean Youtuber DanceKang (real name Lee Kang Bin) made his claim to fame with his comedic dance covers that have become so popular within the nation, K-Pop idol groups and artists have started to reach out to the YouTuber to feature on his channel. And while this is what DanceKang’s platform has become known for, a recent dance cover has started to become the target of backlash for his over-the-top facial expressions.

DanceKang (left) with HyunA (right) | @pactrosbims/Instagram

On January 28, DanceKang uploaded a short 36 second clip of himself covering Kep1er‘s “WA DA DA” onto his YouTube channel and like his usual fashion, he made sure to provide the utmost comedic delivery as possible. For this particular cover, the YouTuber mimicked Kep1er member Kim Chaehyun, who donned pink pigtails for one of the group’s performances. So what did DanceKang do? He wore a pink pigtail wig.

The dance cover influencer showed off his clean cut moves while wearing his fun pink wig and some yellow pajamas.

It was this next part, however, that became the center of the scrutiny. As DanceKang continued with his “WA DA DA” cover, he showed off his different facial expressions, including one where he stuck out his tongue and made a dramatically comedic expression.

Upon seeing his video, Kep1er fans flocked to the comment section in different online communities and social media platforms to share their “disgust” with DanceKang’s cover. Hundreds of the girl group’s fans began to hound the YouTuber with malicious comments, attacking him for ridiculing Kep1er with his video.

This particular Twitter Kep1er fan called DanceKang out for his “offensive” dance cover of “WA DA DA.”

| Twitter

DanceKang, what the f*ck are you doing? It’s so offensive…if you’re going to dance, dance along correctly. The facial expressions are f*cking disgusting it makes me want to vomit. Dancing to just Kep1er like this is f*cking think you’re something because you invited some celebrities over to your place? You think you’re going to be like Seunghun-ssuh (another YouTuber) acting like this.

— Twitter user

Another Kep1er fan went a step further by expressing their frustrations with netizens who were protecting the YouTuber…

| Twitter

Are people protecting him because he covers idol dancers whether or not they’re male idol groups or female idol groups? Because he’s always like this..?? I don’t understand why people are protecting him..

— Twitter user

…while this Twitter user straight up called DanceKang “f*cking annoying” to express their frustrations.

| Twitter

I don’t care about his facial expressions or whatever. Stop giving DanceKang attention for f*ck’s sake. It’s because a random gay homebody started getting attention that celebrities are going to his place. It’s seriously f*cking annoying. Why do they go to his place, for real? F*ck.

— Twitter user

Kep1er’s Kim Chaehyun (left) and DanceKang’s cover (right) | MBC M, YouTube

Kep1er is a 9-member project girl group that was formed through Mnet‘s survival program, Girls Planet 999. They made their grand debut on January 3, 2022 and has been skyrocketing to success with their debut track “WA DA DA.”

Kep1er | Swing Entertainment

As hundreds of netizens cover Kep1er’s viral dance track, DanceKang’s began making headlines for his highly exaggerated facial expressions. You can check out the YouTuber’s cover down below.