Kep1er’s Hikaru Already Has Plans For Her Idol Career After The Group’s Contract Ends

Even though the group just debuted, she has plans for the future.

Even though Girls Planet 999-formed K-Pop group Kep1er just debuted on January 3 this year, it seems like at least one of the members is already looking forward to the future to secure her career in the industry!

Hikaru, who is Kep1er’s main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist, has been announced to be joining a girl group that will be a collaboration between South Korea and Japan’s Avex after her contract with Kep1er is over. Avex is Japan’s leading dance record company, and already has a plethora of talented artists under its label.

Hamasaki Ayumi, Japan’s best-selling solo artist | Avex Management

Hikaru herself is an idol under Avex Artist Academy, where she had debuted in the duo group +GANG back in 2016.

The girl group will be called XG, and it already has plans to debut sometime in 2022. It is also going to be produced by former-DMTN member Simon, who has been hard at work on the project over the last five years.

Though Hikaru won’t join the group right away, as she’ll still be a member of Kep1er when they debut, Simon has stated that she will be joining X1 after her time with the K-Pop group is complete in 2024.

In the meantime, however, XG already seems like it’s full of talented members, so they deserve to be recognized for it and be on everyone’s radar when they debut this year!