Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And Sister Lea Slayed The “WA DA DA” Challenge, But Netizens Noticed Something About The Location

It’s all to do with their brother Hueningkai and TXT!

 Since the first video, fans were so excited when Hueningkai appeared on the latest “WA DA DA” challenge.


The Huening Siblings Reunite As Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And TXT’s Hueningkai Finally Collab For The “WA DA DA” Challenge

After a lot of hard work and determination, Huening Bahiyyih got through the grueling Mnet Girls Planet 999 to become a member of the newest girl group Kep1er. Despite being so young, Bahiyyih has already shone, and fans worldwide love her.

The members of K1pler | @official_kep1er/ Twitter

The rising group has gained attention from fans worldwide with their track “WA DA DA,” and they even created their own challenge on TikTok. Since debuting, the members have had some huge names take part, including BTOB‘s Minhyuk, Lee Chaeyeon, and many more.

| @official_kep1er/ TikTok
| KBS Cool FM/ YouTube   

In particular, one video has recently gained attention for many reasons, and it is the challenge done by Bahiyyih and none other than her sister Lea! The sisters are known for being #siblinggoals and have done videos with each other before.

Bahiyyih and her sister Lea

As expected, both sisters absolutely slayed the video and showcased that there is talent in the family genes, considering their brother is also TXT‘s Hueningkai

However, as much as the video gained attention for the sisters’ stunning talent, something else caught the attention of fans, and it was the place the video was filmed.

As soon as the TikTok was shared, fans thought it looked familiar and speculated that it could be the roof on top of the HYBE building.

The HYBE building | HYBE

Of course, this wouldn’t be too weird considering that their brother Hueningkai’s group TXT is signed to HYBE!

Yet, many weren’t sure it was until they started looking through TXT’s videos and realizing that it actually was the same location because the members of TXT had used it as a backdrop as well.


When netizens realized that it was the same place, they started speculating what it could mean. The members of Kep1er are being taken care of by WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment and would find no need to be at HYBE. Yet, some got excited at the idea of the three Huening siblings in the same place.

Others thought that maybe Hueningkai or members of TXT might be the latest to be part of the “Wa Da Da” challenge.

Netizens are definitely hoping for more Huening sibling content in the future because not only are they all truly visual and extremely talented, but they have amazing personalities that fans love.

(left to right) Bahiyyih, Hueningkai and Lea | Koreaboo
Source: @lea_navvab