The Huening Siblings Reunite As Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And TXT’s Hueningkai Finally Collab For The “WA DA DA” Challenge

Netizen and TXT’s Soobin couldn’t get enough!

Huening Bahiyyih recently debuted with the girl group Kep1er after making it through the grueling Mnet Girls Planet 999. The group recently released their first track, “WA DA DA.” It has rightly become a favorite amongst netizens with its catchy music and even more addictive dance.

The members of K1pler | @official_kep1er/ Twitter

Unsurprisingly, the dance was so catchy that the group created a TikTok challenge for it, and idols like BTOB‘s Minhyuk have done it…

BTOB and Kep1er doing the challenge | KBS Cool FM/ YouTube

And more recently, even Bahiyyih’s older sister Lea!

In particular, after the video with Lea was posted, netizens noticed something about the location of the video before realizing that it was actually HYBE‘s rooftop. Many then speculated that if the Huening siblings were in the same location, a video could come soon.

Well, it seems as if everyone’s predictions were right! On January 11, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement as the official Kep1er TikTok posted the latest edition of the “WA DA DA” challenge and involved none other than Hueningkai!

The video was captioned “With Hueningkai sunbaenim,” which netizens thought was adorable. As expected from a family as talented as the siblings, the two definitely slayed the challenge and were perfectly in sync throughout.

In particular, netizens noticed how proud Hueningkai looked at the end of the video when they came together for the cutest ending pose.

As soon as the video was released, even fellow TXT member Soobin couldn’t stop praising the video when asked by a MOA. He explained, “Ahhahah he really danced so very well.”

| Weverse

If Soobin loved it, after the video was shared, fans were just as excited and shared their reactions to seeing the siblings together.

Many also joked that even though they look adorable AF in the video, they’re probably still true siblings who love to tease each other.

They also shared just how amazing the siblings were by showing just how supportive they are of each other, no matter what they do and how talented they all are.

There is no denying just how talented the Huening siblings are. Hopefully, fans can get more content from the trio in the future. You can read about Bahiyyih and Lea doing the “WA DA DA” challenge below.

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And Sister Lea Slayed The “WA DA DA” Challenge, But Netizens Noticed Something About The Location

Source: @official_kep1er