Kep1er’s Kim Dayeon And Ciipher’s Won Are Reportedly Dating, Agencies Respond

Both agencies have commented.

Kep1er‘s Kim Dayeon and Ciipher‘s Won are reportedly in a relationship.

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Kep1er’s Kim Dayeon and Ciipher’s Won have been in a relationship for an undisclosed amount of time. The two are of the same age, being born in 2003. If the rumors are true, they would become the first couple from the fourth-generation idol groups.

Fans had previously noticed the couple wearing similar clothes and posting pictures in similar locations, raising their suspicions about the rumor prior to the news report.

Tenasia was able to receive a statement from R.A.I.N Company (Ciipher’s agency), and MBC received a statement from CJ ENM regarding the report. Neither companies confirmed nor denied the rumors.

It’s difficult to provide a response because it is a personal issue.


It is difficult to confirm details about the dating rumors. We respect the personal privacy of our artists.

— R.A.I.N Company

Source: Tenasia and MBC
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