Kep1er’s Kim Dayeon Looks More Gorgeous Than Ever With New Hair And Weight Loss

She looks even more gorgeous than before.

Kep1er has just made their comeback with the bubbly song “UP”. With the new comeback, main dancer and rapper Kim Dayeon amazed fans with her upgraded looks. Not only did she lose some weight, she also dyed her hair a dark color for the first time since debut.

Notably, she had blond and ultra-light brown hair during Kep1er’s debut with “WADADA”. She also showcased chubby cheeks and an adorable youthful look.

Dayeon was well-loved by fans for her fiery rap and smooth dance which contrasted with her babyish face.

On Mnet‘s recent survival show, Queendom 2, Dayeon also appeared with rounder cheeks.

However, just a month later, she appeared with a slim v-line face and tiny waist.

Fans especially noted that her jawline was sharper and her cheeks seemed to have disappeared too. Her waist had also dramatically gotten smaller.

As soon as “UP” was released, everyone was going crazy over her beauty. While she has always been gorgeous, she shot up in popularity as the general public wondered how she went from cute to beautiful in just a few months.

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann
  • “It seems she dieted and she’s also cool-toned so she’s prettier with black or brown hair.”
  • “Her beauty is one thing but she works hard at her dancing, singing and rap as well as her facial expressions so she looks even prettier.”
  • “She really got so much prettier. I was watching her fancam and took a screenshot. She was originally cutesy but she got prettier.”
  • “I think she changed how she did her makeup as well. This looks much better.”
  • “The blond hair was really not it. She looks way prettier now.”
  • “She was originally pretty.”

The answer seems to be her new hair color that suits her skin tone and features better, as well as weight loss induced from all the practice that she’s been getting in. Make sure you check out her gorgeous fancam below!

Source: Nate Pann