Keshi Injured After Young Fan Throws Gift To Him While He Performs, But It Only Gets Worse

The fan was doxxed and received threats.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

Vietnamese American singer-songwriter keshi reacted to having an item thrown at him while he was performing on stage.

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Keshi performed the last concert of his 2022 North American and European headlining tour, HELL/HEAVEN, in Honolulu, Hawaii, at The Republik on December 18.

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While keshi was excited to perform his last concert of 2022, there was a turn of events.

A bracelet was thrown on stage, hitting keshi and causing him to fall. It resulted in him getting hurt and bleeding. Naturally, keshi was upset and lashed out at the one responsible since it not only physically hurt him but delayed the remainder of the show. Both he and the rest of the crowd kept telling the person in question to leave.

What the f*ck is your f*cking problem? Why the f*ck did you throw something? I don’t f*cking understand. Get the f*ck outta here, dude. This is the last f*cking show. …What the f*ck? Now, I have to go back, check on my f*cking eye…

— keshi

Videos from the moment went viral across social media as keshi’s fans also voiced their anger over the situation. Some even trended #keshideservesbetter. The OP (Original Poster) of the viral TikTok video has since taken down the video.

Keshi also took to social media to express his frustration, posting a photo of his injured eye. He told his followers, “DO NOT F*CKING THROW SH*T ON STAGE PLEASE THANK YOU.”


A few hours later, keshi updated his social media again. While he reiterated to fans to stop throwing items on stage at artists, he reassured the fan that threw the bracelet that they were “all good” now. Keshi encouraged everyone else to “leave him alone.”


What happened to keshi was horrible. It surely is a much-needed reminder to all fandoms of the dangers of throwing things on stage at artists. If you would like to give a gift to an artist, there are many other ways.

Yet, there is another issue besides that. When keshi was hit, everyone was quick to find the guilty party and have them face the consequences of their actions.

When it should have ended with security escorting the person out, it didn’t. Someone doxxed the person, airdropping their personal Instagram to everyone in the venue. Many suspect this was done by someone they had been with, a “friend.”

It was revealed that the person who threw the bracelet was only a high schooler (around 15 years old), a minor. But since his social media was revealed, the high schooler has been receiving threats and even been subject to further humiliation as a photo of their arrest at keshi’s concert has circulated online.

So, once keshi realized the whole situation and what had been happening to the student, he posted an additional post, attempting to help them. Despite keshi’s post, people are still coming for the minor.

Two wrongs never make a right. Keshi was the person who got hurt in the first place, and he already said it’s “all good” now. There should be no reason ever to send death threats to another person, especially not a minor.

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