Key East Responds To Rumors That Ju Ji Hoon Is Leaving Their Agency

Another rumor that Key East is losing their top actors.

Actor Ju Ji Hoon is one of the most popular actors today, so he caught everyone’s attention when a report claimed that he was preparing to leave his agency, Key East Entertainment.

The rumor claimed that Ju Ji Hoon’s exclusive contract with his agency was coming to an end and that he was seeking out other options from his agency.

Key East Entertainment had also recently faced rumors that they were losing 4 top actors, like Son Dam Bi and Jung Ryeo Won. But they explained that the actors were still in the process of discussing about a possible renewal.

They also denied the rumors that Ju Ji Hoon was planning on leaving the company. They clarified that he still has a while before his contract ends.

Our contract with Ju Ji Hoon still has a lot of time left. The rumors of his contract ending are not true.

It’s not the time to talk about renewing or his future plans.

— Ju Ji Hoon

Ju Ji Hoon is famous for his many hit works, such as Kingdom, Hyena, “Along With The Gods” and more.

Source: Sporbiz