Keystone Entertainment Announces Youngbin Will Leave BLANK2Y Following Physical Abuse Allegations

He is out of the group.

Keystone Entertainment has announced Youngbin will leave boy group BLANK2Y after allegations of physical abuse.

In a statement shared on the group’s fancafe, Keystone Entertainment shared that Youngbin will no longer be part of the group.

Hello, this is Keystone Entertainment.

We would like to let you know our position regarding BLANK2Y member Youngbin and the group’s future promotions.

First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for causing concern.

After confirming the facts regarding the issue raised through a community post today, the idol involved in the case was indeed Youngbin.

From this point forward, Youngbin will no longer be part of BLANK2Y and the group will promote KROSS Vol.2 without him.

We will continue working hard so that BLANK2Y can grow as artists.

— Keystone Entertainment

Earlier, a currently promoting idol was accused of assaulting his girlfriend. The idol turned out to be BLANK2Y’s Youngbin.

Currently Promoting Idol Accused Of Physical Abuse And Strangling His Girlfriend


Source: Keystone Entertainment and News1