National Soccer Athlete Ki Sung Yong Firmly Denies Allegations Of Sexual Assault … Others Step Up To Accuse The Accusers Of Sexual Assault Instead

Here’s all you need to know about the matter.

On February 24, 2021, national athlete Ki Sung Yong was accused of of sexual assault during elementary school. Due to Ki Sung Yong’s status as a beloved soccer player for the nation as well as his superstar marriage to actress Han Hye Jin, the matter was quickly publicized.

Two former soccer players, C and D, accused two seniors, A and B, of forcing them to perform oral sex on them in turn. C and D reasoned that they had no choice as they feared being assaulted if they did not comply. C and D spoke through their lawyer, Lawyer Park, and stated they were picked on as they were smaller in frame and introverted at that time. More than 20 years have passed since the matter.

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Due to the details of the school being revealed, the public quickly speculated that either A or B was Ki Sung Yong. The news was quickly denied by his agency, C2 Global, who stated that they confirmed with Ki Sung Yong that the matter was false and that C and D were unrelated to him and that they would be dealing with the matter legally.

Ki Sung Yong followed by posting on his personal Instagram on February 25, 2021.

This is Ki Sung Yong. I think there is no need for long words. The articles that have been in the news, have no relation to me at all. In summary, I have committed no such matter. I can tell you this while swearing on my soccer career. I have decided to deal with this matter strictly, for the sake of my family. I will be dealing legally with all the malicious comments as well that did not verify the truth before posting. I have come to this far due to my passion for the sport. I personally thought that this matter would not become a problem because it is not true, but I realized that it could endanger not only my soccer career but also my family’s lives. I will not sit back and I will deal with this actively.

— Ki Sung Yong

Following this, it was then reported in the news that another alumni, E, stepped up and claimed that C and B were problematic during their middle school days as well. E accused C and B of reportedly forcing other schoolmates to touch their private parts, turning the tables on them. E claimed that “D’s father was a local influential figure at the point of time but he was forced to quit his job when D was kicked out of school and D left Korea for Brazil.” C on the other hand, retired recently from being a professional soccer player.

Netizens have been stepping up in defense of Ki Sung Yong, claiming C and D assaulted them sexually in middle school as well.

Ki Sung Yong nor his agency have yet to comment on E’s statement.


Source: Donga, Yonhap and Herald