Full Episode Of “I Live Alone” Dispels Criticism About Outcasting Kian84

There’s always more than meets the eye!

Previously, the variety show I Live Alone faced great criticism for allegedly “outcasting” and “bullying” Kian84. However, when part two of the episode was released recently, it was revealed that there was more than meets the eye to the matter.

Initially, the show had been criticised for making Kian84 feel bad with how they promised the other panelists to show up, only to have MC Jun Hyun Moo as the sole cast that made it to his congratulatory party. However, in part two of the episode, the rest of the cast were seen making comments that they would have loved to go if not for the COVID-19 restrictions.

It was also promised that they would go on a trip all together one day, when COVID-19 was over. The cast also warmly congratulated Kian84 for completing his webtoon. SHINee‘s Key had revealed that they had never once gone out together for a company dinner and they made promises to go next time.

Part two had not been filmed at a later date and was filmed on the same day as part one. With the release of part two where the atmosphere had been warm and congratulatory, criticisms surrounding the matter were dispelled.

Source: theqoo