Kian84 Reveals He Was Friend-Zoned Recently By A Woman Who Attended His Art Exhibition

“I’m drunk, I’m drunk, but I know I’m telling the truth because I’m drunk.”

Popular webtoon author and TV personality, Kian84, revealed he was recently on the wrong side of unrequited love.

Kian84 | @khmnim1513/Instagram

On the author’s YouTube channel, he recently uploaded a video that featured himself finishing his recent solo exhibition.

From left to right: Han Hye Jin, Park Na Rae, Kian84, and Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram
Key at Kian84’s art exhibition | @bumkeyk/Instagram

After the solo exhibition, Kian84 is shown going out to eat with a few of his employees, where they spoke about love over a few drinks.

Kian84 and his employees | @인생84/YouTube

Kian84 and his employees talked about whether men and women can be strictly friends. When one of his employees stated that she believed men and women could have a platonic friendship, Kian84 chastized her as “mean” and that it was “impossible.”

Kian84 | @인생84/YouTube

Kian84 then confessed he was recently “friend-zoned.”

Kian84 | @인생84/YouTube

Kian84 stated that the woman he liked even came to his exhibition, “but she says we are just friends.”

Kian84 | @인생84/YouTube

The author then went off on a rant about “friends” between the sexes.

All that ‘Yeah, we are friends’ stuff between a man and a woman is all BS. Because he wants to be with her, but he isn’t able to and is content with just being friends.

— Kian84

Kian84 then said, “I’m drunk, I’m drunk, but I know I’m telling the truth because I’m drunk.”

Kian84 | @인생84/YouTube

Kian84 recently held a much-talked-about solo exhibition for ten days from March 25 at an art gallery in Gangnam. The author used references from his earlier works, such as Fashion King, and stated he would be donating a portion of the profits.

Poster for Kian84’s art show | @khmnim1513/Instagram

The author is currently a regular on MBC‘s I Live Alone and has a YouTube channel 인생84 (translated to life84). Check out the full YouTube video below.

Source: wikitree
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