Kil Gun cites unfair treatment by Soulshop Entertainment in official statement

Soulshop Entertainment continues to face difficulties as they once again come into the spotlight for the current dispute between it and female soloist Kil Gun.

In addition to Megan Lee, Kil Gun has also filed a suit against the company to terminate her contract, and has cited various difficulties and many aspects of unfairness by the agency.

Through a press release shared on December 2nd, Kil Gun stated her side through the official statement, “A notification of cancellation of contract has already been conveyed to Kil Gun. And Kil Gun’s side has responded. Currently, there has been no advancement in the situation. Kil Gun has expressed many aspects of difficulty and unfairness, and plans on taking legal action. After this difficult and unfair situation passes, she [I] hope to return with my past self being bright and brave.”

Read the full statement below:

“Hello. This is Kil Gun.

It’s a shame to bring such [bad] news after so long. 

I have received the official notice from Soulshop Entertainment regarding my contract nullification and have sent my answer. 

Therefore, to the journalists and all the fans, I’m here to inform you the judgement has not yet been made. 

I have suffered much and endured much more, and I promise you, I will act accordingly to the resulting actions of Soulshop. Until then, I hope you all pray for me. If this time of suffering passes, I will come back as the bright and energized Kil Gun that you all know. Thank you.

I would like to apologize to the media as well.

I am sure you are curious yet you respect my silence and console me with your own silence. I will inform you depending on Soulshop’s actions. If there is anything you are wondering please give me a written request for information, and I will give truthful answers under the law and the Lord.

The times have felt hurtful and undeserved…..thank you for spending your time reading this.

From singer Kil Gun”

To Financial News, Kil Gun further explained her situation, “I have exchanged certification of contents with Soulshop and have not yet acted legally. I would like to settle this matter internally and get back to my activities as soon as possible. When I signed with Soulshop, I had a problem coming out of my previous contract so the company paid that fee for me. They have asked for double that amount as well as double the initial contract fee they paid me.”

“They have made no discussions with me about their plans for my album and denied personal recruitment calls from directors saying that it was against company policy. I am monetarily suffering because I haven’t worked in a year and four months. They stopped me from working, and I want to know why.”

“I am only thinking about legal channels as a last resort, I will see how Soulshop acts next and decide accordingly. In front of the law and my own conscience, I swear I will only tell everyone the truth.”

According to reports, Soulshop Entertainment has filed an order to terminate Kil Gun’s contract as of November 25th. On top of dealing with their situation with Kil Gun, the agency is also under the spotlight due to Megan Lee’s lawsuit of contract termination, which was filed on November 10th, six months after her official debut into the music industry.

The latest statement from Megan Lee’s official cites problems with Kim Tae Woo’s wife and mother-in-law, saying, “From the end of February 2014, Kim Taewoo’s wife, Kim Ae Ri, was appointed as Managing Director, and his mother-in-law was appointed as Head Manager. However, the situation arose where Megan was forced to debut even despite the abnormal situation.”

They further explained, “There has been no income or outcomes for the artists of the company until August, and with no explanation they canceled the contract for the musical. After her debut, the night before [Megan] had a schedule, they would say that ‘the cat is sick and needs to go to the animal hospital,’ then make the managers go to the animal hospital, while making Megan take the taxi or the subway.”

“Also, the Carnival [car] that was supposed to be used by Megan was used by managing director Kim Ae Ri, who would take it to go shopping or for other personal use, showing absolutely no concern for the management of the artists. Due to verbal abuse, Megan also went to a psychiatry specialist in June due to severe depression where she received therapy. Managing director Kim Ae Ri also did not hesitate to personally verbally abuse Megan and Megan’s mother.”

Source: Review Star, Herald Pop, Financial News and TV Daily