Megan Lee cites problems with Kim Tae Woo’s wife and mother-in-law as the main trigger of her lawsuit

Megan Lee, along with her legal representatives, have stated the reason behind their recent lawsuit and explained the trouble against Kim Tae Woo‘s mother-in-law and his wife, Kim Ae Ri

Recently, Megan Lee filed a lawsuit against Soulshop Entertainment claiming that there were unfair agreements over her contract. It was stated that the singer previously had problems with Kim Ae Ri and the director of the company, who is coincidentally also Kim Tae Woo’s mother-in-law, citing unprofessional business matters and communications as her main concern. This led to Megan Lee’s mother to personally meet up with Kim Tae Woo to try and sort out these problems.

As the lawyer filed the case on November 26th, it was further stated that, “There aren’t any emotional problems between CEO Kim Tae Woo and we are rather thankful. However, with Kim Taewoo’s wife and his mother in law, there has been continuous chain of events that led to this lawsuit.” 

Since the lawsuit was filed, representatives from Soul Shop Entertainment released a statement explaining the content of their initial contract signing, along with clarifying that Megan Lee was accompanied by a guardian when she officially signed it years back.

Both sides also expressed their different versions of Megan Lee’s audition for the musical All Shook Up in the United States.

Source: Hangook-Ilbo