Kil Gun tearfully denies Soul Shop Entertainments statements

The issue surrounding Kil Gun and Soulshop Entertainment continues with the female artist claiming that the agency’s latest statement and claims regarding her were not true.

Currently, the two are embroiled in a lawsuit battle as Kil Gun fights to cut her ties with the agency, looking to terminate her exclusive contract, similar to Megan Lee‘s recent win over Soulshop.

Recently, the agency — which was created by singer Kim Tae Woo in 2011 — claims that Kil Gun lacked in effort to complete her contract requirements despite being paid up front for her contract.

Kil Gun first approaches their claim of her “lack of effort,” commenting that after Kim Tae Woo’s wife, Kim Ae Ri, and her mother came into operating of the company, the agency itself had many problems. The agency could not provide her with the training that she required, such as dance lessons, vocal lessons, Chinese lessons, and more.

While support for her training sessions were all stopped by the agency, Kil Gun tried her best to keep up the training sessions by paying for them herself. “I had growing debt after spending a long time without a single album or any type of work given. There is absolutely no reason for myself to not put in any effort into my training sessions when it was my money being put in. In fact, during the period the agency proclaimed I was inactive and lazy, I took part in the musical ‘Welcome To My World’ as the leading role in over fifty occasions where it took performances.” 

In addition, Kil Gun also mentioned that the agency was in no condition for its celebrities to train. She often had to take her training sessions to a nearby cafe. “I did not make a single penny shortly after the administrator roles were switched over to Kim Tae Woo’s wife and her mother. Of course, the agency also was not in any situation to spend any. Despite the situations, I continued my lessons.

She then mentioned the problems the agency brought up about her previous contract with her past agency. “Soulshop Entertainment claims that I had signed and progressed a new contract with them without fully finalizing my previous contract. However, both Kim Tae Woo and the agency knew of this situation before the contract was signed with them. At the time, Kim Tae Woo confidently claimed that his agency will take care of everything.

“Also, the agency claims that they have been trying to give support to my career, and not only that, but even my personal daily life. This is very different from what had actually occurred. The agency never stopped harassing me by asking me for their money. A series of meetings occurred and every time, the agency asked for money. Then, I asked for work. I can only pay them back when I have any income. The money they had paid up front for my contract had no support whatsoever at this point.

“Soulshop Entertainment claims that I needed time to restart. They told me that my image was of a singer-dancer who was only successful through showing skin on stage. The image they claim, was the reason why I had not received any type of work from them. Kim Tae Woo later told me a new administrator will be here and will be operating the agency better than before. To this, I’ve asked Kim Tae Woo if his wife had any experience or if she had majored in business. Kim Tae Woo simply asked me if I thought all administrators had experience or studied business, and I was told to just trust her. Which is what I did since I had no choice.

Kim Ae Ri, Kim Tae Woo’s wife, said she is being put under so much stress and hardship due to the employees and the celebrities here. She also claimed she needs to be paid 20 million won per 10 minutes of a meeting. When she asked me to payback her money, I was also desperate. I told her I needed work to pay her back and that I was receiving allowances from my parents and family at this age. Kim Ae Ri then replied by asking me if I was this low of a person having no money. I was in panic and cried at that moment and told her again that I need work to pay her back and I would do anything to pay her back, I just needed work. During this event, the CEO Kim Ae Ri gave me the statement of account and pushed me to sign the statement. The accusations that I swore at her is definitely not true.

Source: Newsen