Megan Lee responds to recent court case win over Soulshop Entertainment

In light of her recent court case win over Soulshop Entertainment regarding her exclusive contract termination lawsuit, Megan Lee has released a statement to Korean media. 

On March 22nd, Megan Lee’s mother spoke to MBN News and said, “We’ve been waiting for this result for a while, and we are thankful that the judge made the right decision. Megan is, of course, the happiest. She was sad that Soulshop made her look like a person that ‘ran away to the states’ but the judge specified this point and it made her happy.”

She continued, “Soulshop talked about 5 years and 5:5 profit split and claim that it was a fair contract but it was far from a fair contract. I hope they realize why we won the case and hope that no other instances such as this happens anywhere.”

“Soulshop had also stated that they will not be using media play but they always talk to the public not the court. They should be stating their defense in court and not on the news. I feel like a lot of things have been cleared and hope Soulshop will begin to come clean.”

“Megan is filming a drama overseas, and she said she would like to take a break when that is over. She is going to take some time to herself and write songs and generally rest up.”

The results to the court case was revealed by the Seoul Central District Courts by presiding judge Kim Yong Dae on March 20th. Soulshop Entertainment released their own statement following the verdict, revealing that they intend to appeal the case.

Megan Lee filed a contract nullification in November 2014, also citing issues with Kim Tae Woo‘s wife and mother-in-law, and was officially resolved five-months later on March 20, 2015.

Currently, the female artist has turned to acting and will be starring in Nickelodeon‘s new music drama show Make It Pop to premiere in April.

Source: MBN News