“SKY Castle” Actress Kim Bo Ra And Actor Dong Ha To Star In A Short Film Together

A broken up couple living together? Sign us up.

Actors Kim Bo Ra and Dong Ha are set to star in a one-act play opposite each other. On the 14th of September, representatives reportedly told media outlet, Ilgan Sports, that the two will be in a short film released under KBS Drama Special 2020, called Thief Sleep (literal translation).

Thief Sleep is about a couple that has broken up, but start to live together for some reason, and the ambiguity of their emotions and situation. Through living together, they slowly start to know more about each other and their relationship grows.

Dong Ha will be playing a 4th year business student, Lee Nam who has yet to change his apartment’s passcode from his ex-girlfriend’s birthday as he is lazy to do so. His ex-girlfriend enters his house secretly at night, sleeping over without him knowing.

Kim Bo Ra plays his ex, Hong Joo, who is a hair assistant with 4 years of experience. She has no house nor money, and neither does she have any shame. She secretly sleeps like a thief in his house as he works the graveyard shift at a convenience store.

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The drama special is said to air within the year and will be a thrilling romance filled with comedic suspense and heart-warming moments. Catch the two young actors on screen soon! Stay tuned.

Source: Ilgan Sports
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