Kim Bum Fans Offended AF By His “Refusal” To Do Romantic Comedies

All men do is lie.

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While many of us were first introduced to beloved actor Kim Bum (also romanized as Kim Beom) as F4 member So Yi Jung in Boys Over Flowers, he seldom stars in romantic comedies.

Kim Bum
Kim Bum

He is now famous as the half-blood gumiho Lee Rang in Tale of the Nine Tailed and genius student Han Joon Hwi in Law School. Despite his natural charm and cuteness, he prefers a darker and more villainous role.


Recently, we got to see Kim Bum in a rom-com again after so long as he made a cameo appearance in K-Drama Wedding Impossible, which recently concluded with its twelfth episode.

Just a few days after the episode aired, his agency, King Kong by Starship, shared a behind-the-scenes video of Kim Bum filming his scenes. He was noticeably flustered, as he wasn’t used to the genre.

A clip from the video went viral with over 1M views on X (formerly Twitter) at the time of writing. In the clip, staff teasingly told Kim Bum that his fans were waiting for him to do a rom-com, which he shot down, claiming he is not good at playing those types of roles.

Kim Bum: Ah, I can’t act like this. I felt it today. I can’t act like this.

Staff: All the fans are waiting for romance.

Kim Bum: NO! This genre…I don’t think it’s working.

Staff: Why?! You have to do rom-com. Romantic comedy.

Kim Bum: I don’t think I can. No, I think it’s easier to play the role of killing people. Why didn’t I act like this for ten years? I got it again. I don’t know how to express my face.

Yet, his fans couldn’t disagree with him more. They think he was actually meant to star as the male lead in a rom-com due to his adorable smile!

Many are resurfacing clips from his previous K-Dramas in which he displayed the potential for a rom-com. They just don’t believe him when he says he can’t play the part of a romantic male lead!

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