Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon Spotted Recently With Best Friend Former APRIL’s Lee Naeun

This is the first glimpse of Naeun in two years.

Weki Meki‘s Kim Doyeon and former APRIL‘s Lee Naeun are known to be best friends. They’ve always shown off their close friendship on and off camera.

From starring in the same radio show together…

The pair on NOW radio. | NOW

…to meeting up at music shows…

The pair at Inkigayo. | @betterlee_0824/Instagram

…and hanging out in their free time.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

They first met in high school, where they were in the same class. They took that friendship beyond graduation as they blossomed into gorgeous ladies.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

Although Doyeon and Naeun had frequently posted photos with each other on their personal Instagrams, it came to a stop in 2020 when Naeun was swept up in a bullying controversy.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

A former APRIL member, Lee Hyunjoo, had stepped forward to accuse her group of bullying. As the controversy deepened, APRIL stepped away from the limelight and eventually disbanded.

Fans got a rare glimpse of Naeun and their friendship in 2022 at the recent Seoul Jazz Festival. The festival was a gathering of many celebrities who went to see famous international acts such as Honne and Pink Sweat$. A lucky fan caught sight of the two and posted it on their social media.

“I saw Naeun and Doyeon. How fascinating.” | Nate Pann

They were decked in blue shirts while Naeun wore a matching cap. Fans were fascinated to see their friendship still going strong. It’s nice to see that their friendship stood the test of rough waters! Fans may be able to see more from Lee Naeun soon, with rumors of her acting debut swirling. Read more about it below.

Former APRIL’s Lee Naeun May Be Coming Back As An Actress — Namoo Actors Gives A Statement About Their Recent Meeting With Her


Source: Nate Pann
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