Netizens Slam HYBE, Defend LE SSERAFIM Garam’s Alleged Victim

“Why is HYBE protecting a criminal?”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

HYBE‘s response to a statement regarding an alleged bullying victim is receiving backlash from netizens. Yoo Eunseo claims that she suffered abuse at the hands of LE SSERAFIM‘s Garam (also known as Kim Garam) during their school years.

Garam | HYBE

The victim (henceforth named using the pseudonym Yoo Eunseo) was a victim of school violence from Kim Garam and her friends from late April to early May 2018. She transferred to a new school one to two weeks after the incidents, unable to withstand the continuous group violence.

— Yoo Eunseo’s legal counsel

According to Yoo Eunseo’s legal counsel, Yoo Eunseo suffered “extreme anxiety” due to the abuse and its aftermath, which drove her to try to take her own life.

Yoo Eunseo, who could not endure the extreme anxiety and fear caused by the second round of attacks made on her, eventually attempted suicide. This led to her and her parents deciding for Yoo Eunseo to stop her studies and expressed their intention to have her drop out of school. Currently, she is being treated by a psychiatrist without attending school for the past seven weeks before finalizing the withdrawal process. Her mother has stopped all of her personal activities to take care of her and to prevent her from attempting to take her life again.

— Yoo Eunseo’s legal counsel

HYBE, however, claims that Daeryun law firm is skewing the truth by only telling one side of the story.

We would like to say that Daeryun compiled and published the events that occurred in 2018 in a way that makes their side look advantageous, so we will compile and share our official position shortly. Therefore, journalists should refrain from reporting on the basis of one-sided arguments.

Once again, the controversy began with the spread of false information about a member who was about to debut. Judging that this act of spreading false information was malicious, we immediately took legal action and are still proceeding with this process.


HYBE’s handling of the situation is now receiving backlash from netizens, many of whom are siding with Yoo Eunseo and slamming the agency for defending Garam.

Some netizens are accusing HYBE of not thoroughly background-checking their idols. Others claim that the agency was well aware of Garam’s alleged actions prior to her debut.

According to HYBE’s statement, the agency is still in the process of investigating the matter and taking legal action. Read it here:

HYBE Shares Response To Kim Garam’s Alleged Victim’s Statement

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