#GaramOut: Calls For Kim Garam’s Removal From LE SSERAFIM Grow Louder

“This is unacceptable.”

Just weeks after LE SSERAFIM‘s debut, member Kim Garam is now on a hiatus. The rookie idol is at the center of a bullying controversy, having been accused of school violence by ex-classmates.

Kim Garam | HYBE

Despite mounting accusations and a deafening public outcry, HYBE currently has no plans to remove Kim Garam from LE SSERAFIM. The agency is reportedly meeting with Daeryun Law, the representative legal firm for alleged victim Yoo Eunseo, to discuss a private settlement.

As they continue to repeat their attitude of not accepting and applying the fans’ criticisms, the distrust toward HYBE grows worse. Recently, as fandoms are sensitive to school violence, sexual assault and sexism, they should be careful but it’ll be hard for HYBE to come up with a better plan than their current actions.

— Industry Representative

HYBE’s stance is now receiving pushback from netizens around the world, who are expressing their outrage on various social media platforms.

Netizens’ comments on a post titled “I hear Kim Garam is negotiating” | Nate Pann
  • How much will they settle for? Will it then wash away her past? LOL Labels that think money will solve their problems sicken me.
  • How much are you offering? Lol, f@%k, will you offer like a hundred million?
  • If I was the victim, I would never settle. You want to ruin my life, then become an idol and receive love? No way, I would never.
  • Wish the victim asks for ₩5.00 trillion KRW (about $3.96 billion USD)

For days, the hashtag #garamOUT and related phrases have been trending on Twitter. Many netizens and LE SSERAFIM fans are calling for Kim Garam’s immediate removal from the group. Some are speaking up on behalf of the alleged victim, while others are expressing concern for LE SSERAFIM’s other five members affected by the scandal.

Over the past week, K-Pop fans–particularly ARMY and BLINK–have become increasingly vocal about the matter. Some believe that dating rumors about BTS‘s and BLACKPINK are now being used to distract from Kim Garam’s controversy.

HYBE has not yet addressed fans’ criticisms regarding Kim Garam or BTS V’s dating rumors.

Alleged Victim Of Kim Garam’s Bullying Steps Forward, Sharing The Trauma She Experienced

Source: Joongang Daily

Kim Garam's Bullying Allegations