Actress Kim Go Eun Actually Played A Big Role In “Penthouse” Through Actress Lee Ji Ah

You just never saw her face.

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Following the final episode of SBS‘s Penthouse, the internet saw a post titled “Let’s bow down to Kim Go Eun on the props team of Penthouse.

Actress Kim Go Eun

Many people have watched Penthouse and praised actress Lee Ji Ah for doing a spectacular job playing the role of Shim Soo Ryeon.

“Penthouse” | SBS

But it turns out that actress Kim Go Eun also played a role in the drama — without actually showing her face!

| @e.jiah/Instagram

In the final episode, specifically during Shim Soo Ryeon’s funeral scene, a wall full of letters and photos were shown.

And one of the photos showed Shim Soo Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) smiling at the beach with a gorgeous sunset in the background.

It turns out actress Kim Go Eun took this photo — along with another one that was shown in an earlier episode of Penthouse. Kim Go Eun’s Instagram also has pictures from the same background…

| @e.jiah/Instagram

… so netizens are predicting that Kim Go Eun took the photos of Lee Ji Ah, which ended up being used as props for the hit series.

| @ggonekim/Instagram

Netizens are reacting to the revelation with comments such as “I didn’t know they were so close in real life“, “Kim Go Eun takes really good photos“, “Lee Ji Ah looks so happy“, and “I thought they were taken as props“.

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