Kim Gura resumes filming for “Ssul Jeon” following recent panic attack

Comedian and entertainer Kim Gura, who has been receiving treatment for his panic disorder, is confirmed to be returning to work through his scheduled television appearances.

On December 29th, Kim Gura’s agency released a statement saying that, “Kim Gura will be shooting jTBC’s Ssul Jeon today and he will be returning to his schedule starting today. We’re expecting to keep on with other previously planned schedules as well.”

The agency further made a comment on his current condition and revealed that, “His health conditions are much better now.”

Meanwhile, Kim Gura was hospitalized after experiencing chest pain and ear pain prior to the filming of MBC’s World Changing Quiz on December 18th. According to the agency, the entertainment’s been suffering from a sever case of a panic disorder and was advised to rest by his doctor. He was discharged from the hospital since December 20th but was seen absent from all of his work commitments in order to recover.

During Kim Gura’s short hiatus, fellow celebrities such as announcer Choi Dong Suk, Kim Jang Hoon, and MC Kim Sung Joo filled in for his absence.

Kim Gura’s comeback Ssul Jeon will be aired on January 8th.

Source: OSEN and TV Report