Kim Gun Mo’s Fiance Revealed To Be Pianist Jang Jiyoun

Congrats to the couple!

Singer Kim Gun Mo’s (51) soon-to-be-wife has been revealed to be pianist Jang Jiyoun (39).


Jang Jiyoun is the daughter of composer Jang Wook Jo and the younger sister of actor Jang Hee Woong.

Jang Jiyoun’s father, Jang Wook Jo, is known for composing Jang Mi Hwa’s “How Should I Say It”, Tae Jin Ah’s “I Won’t Forget It” and other older hit songs.

Her brother, Jang Hee Woong, debuted in the 2000 drama, Virtue. Most recently, he has become a pro bowler and has appeared on TV Chosun’s Legendary Bowling.



The two plan to wed on January 30, 2020, after one year of dating.

Even with their significant age gap, they were able to become closer due to their interest in music.

Due to the sudden news of his marriage, the producers of My Old Boy are still shocked by the news. They will have to discuss further as to whether or not he will leave the show.

Source: chosun ilbo