“World of the Married” Kim Hee Ae Describes Han So Hee’s Visuals to Be Absolutely Perfect

“Both her face and body are perfection” – Kim Hee Ae

In an online press conference for the popular drama, The World of the Married, Kim Hee Ae expressed her thoughts on the rising actress, Han So Hee as a costar.

During the press conference, Kim Hee Ae brought up Han So Hee and described her as the one in charge of beauty.

Han So Hee is in charge of beauty in the drama.

– Kim Hee Ae

She continued by praising Han So Hee’s outstanding beauty.

Han So Hee has the kind of beauty that can be compared to the Heavens. Han So Hee is very passionate, and she’s already a seasoned actress.

– Kim Hee Ae

As if that wasn’t enough praise, Kim Hee Ae continued and even expressed how much she looks forward to Han So Hee’s growth.

Considering she’s this perfect already, I can’t even imagine what kind of actress she’ll be when she’s my age. She works very hard. And both her face and body are perfection.

– Han So Hee

The World of the Married is taking the K-Drama world by storm with Korea’s version of the British drama, Doctor Foster.

It’s currently airing every Friday and Saturday.

Source: Insight