Kim Heechul Confesses The Biggest Age Gap He Ever Dated With His Ex-Girlfriends

He suddenly confessed to national TV!

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul opened up about his past dating experience on the latest episode of My Old Boy where he revealed the biggest age gap he ever dated.

He was on his way to meet comedian Kim Young Chul‘s mother, along with Kim Young Chul’s older sister and singer Lee Sang Min.


During the ride, Kim Heechul suggested that they ask Kim Young Chul’s mom what she thinks about his older sister dating Lee Sang Min.


He continued to joke asking, “What if your mother prefers me? I would have to call her mom-in-law.


Heechul suddenly confessed that the biggest age gap he’s ever dated was someone who was 13 years older than him!

But way back then, I once dated someone who was 13 years older than me.

— Kim Heechul


Kim Young Chul joked back, “Then you can break that record with someone who’s 14 years older than you.” The whole car burst into laughter as he was referring to his own older sister!


Kim Heechul’s confession made headlines as he’s currently dating TWICE‘s Momo, who is 13 years younger than him! Momo was born in 1996, making her 23 as of now. Heechul was born in 1983, making him 36 years old.


But what does age matter when it comes to love? It’s just a number as long as the two are happy together!

Source: News1

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