Why Super Junior’s Heechul Broke Up With His Ex-Girlfriend

Is this a good reason?

An online community post garnered much attention to a past video clip of Super Junior’s Heechul revealing the reason for breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.


There was a game I really enjoyed in my 20s. It’s a famous game called Wo*. 25 people have to defeat the boss. I was 25 or 26 back then. It was around 7:58 or 7:57. And I was supposed to go on a raid at 8:00.

⁠— Heechul


My girlfriend said, ‘Heechul, let’s break up.’ So I replied, ‘Okay, got it. Sorry, I can’t help it. Sorry I didn’t take good care of you. Bye.’ Then she started crying.

⁠— Heechul

Other members on the show couldn’t understand why he would say something like that.


So I spoke honestly. I made a promise with 24 people. She suddenly said she wanted to break up, but I’d promised with 24 people a week ago.

⁠— Heechul


Prior engagements always come first for me, right? We broke up right away.

⁠— Heechul

The other guests felt that actions like this could lead to divorce in the future.


They even called him out for being a game addict, in which he denied right away.


I’m not an addict. A promise with others. People who play this game understand.

⁠— Heechul

Netizens also couldn’t understand why he was revealing this on public broadcast.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “These are all excuses. He is the type to avoid these things.”
  • “I really hate men like that…”
  • “Wow I really hate this type…”
  • “Not surprised…he just needs to meet someone like him I guess.”
  • “He’s not someone that thinks prior engagements are important, games are just more important than his girlfriend…the girlfriend must have been hurt bad by this…”
  • “Wow does he think this is something to be proud about.”
  • “Why do people think the girlfriend is the same? I’m sure this type of thing has happened more than once. She wouldn’t suddenly ask to break up out of nowhere.”
  • “Wow, is he not embarrassed to be saying stuff like this on public broadcast?”
  • “He’s the type to live alone without getting married…for the sake of the other person he needs to…”

What do you think about his reasoning? Is this acceptable?

Source: theqoo

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