Kim Heechul Shares The Most Shocking Gay Rumor He’s Heard About Himself

He revealed he was the victim of many false rumors.

Kim Heechul confessed that he’s heard many false news about himself over the years, and the most shocking ones were about his sexuality.


The hosts of 6 Party Talk gathered together to discuss false news and rumors, when Kim Heechul revealed he used to wonder if some of the gossips were true. But he’s completely changed his ways after he heard a shocking rumor about himself.

“I’ve reflected on my actions after catching myself doing the same thing. There are times when even we almost believe the gossip and rumors that spread online.

I can now say for certain that all of those are false news. In a chatroom with the Super Junior members and our managers, a lengthy post was uploaded. It was so funny.”

— Kim Heechul


The story claimed that Kim Heechul was dating a male actor, but cheated on his boyfriend with another actor. The other actor found out that Kim Heechul was two-timing him, so he barged into his house. The rumor ended with Kim Heechul crying and begging on his knees for forgiveness.

“It said a male idol was dating a male actor but cheated on him with another actor. The other actor found out, came to the male idol’s house, where the male idol got on his knees and begged for forgiveness in tears.

It was gossip about a love triangle between 3 men. I was so intrigued and scrolled down to find out who the 3 male celebrities were. But at the end, it said the male idol was Kim Heechul!”

— Kim Heechul


Needless to say, the story was complete false. But when he re-read the story after knowing it was written about him, Kim Heechul realized how harmful these false gossips and rumors can be.

Thankfully, SM Entertainment he agreed that strict legal measures should be taken against the people who write these kinds of fake news.

“After re-reading it after knowing that this rumor was about me, I was angry and in disbelief. I never once saw the other celebrities.

I show it to my agency, and they agreed that they’ll take legal action against it.”

— Kim Heechul


Jang Do Yeon advised the audience that the stories are created to sound believable but they should never be shared or taken as the truth.

“The readers think this way. If it only said: ‘Kim Heechul is gay’, then they would doubt the story, but it’s written with so much detail.

It’s so specific that you wonder if it’s all true.”

— Jang Do Yeon

Source: MBN Star

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