Dispatch Exposes Kim Hieora’s Alleged Victims For Changing Their Stories Amid Scrutiny

Kim Hieora’s alleged bullying controversy takes a bizarre turn…

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This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Dispatch called out the alleged victims in Kim Hieora‘s bullying controversy.

Kim Hieora | DongA Ilbo

On September 11, Dispatch released an article titled “How Did They Change Their Words.”

In the article, Dispatch alleges that Kim Hieora’s alleged victims have changed their words. The article begins with Dispatch revealing what the victims had told them earlier this year.

May 13, 2023.

We met victim “A” at our editing conference room. On this day, “A” met with representatives of Kim Hieora’s label to tell them directly how she was bullied.

There were 5 people in total. Dispatch journalists Kim So Jung and Lee Myung Joo, “A”, Kim Hieora’s label CEO, director, and manager.

“A” revealed what had happened to her and spoke with victims “B” “C” and “D”. They spoke through speaker phone.

This is what “A” said.

  1. She saw Kim Hieora use chopsticks to smoke in Middle School, similar to The Glory scene.
  2. She never got hit by Kim Hieora herself. Instead, Kim Hieora’s “Big Sangji” friend hit her.
  3. She was hit for three hours in the back alley of an arcade. That incident has traumatized her for 20 years.
  4. When she asked, “Why are you hitting me,” Kim Hieora’s friend said, “Because Hieora said she didn’t like you.”
  5. Kim Hieora and the leader of Big Sangji were scary.
  6. She had her jeans stolen from her by Kim Hieora.
  7. Kim Hieora would always say, “You f@cking slut.”

This is what “B” said.

  1. Big Sangji unnies came to her house to drink.
  2. Big Sangji’s leader and Kim Hieora were also there.
  3. Kim Hieora slapped her in the face.
  4. She remembers Kim Hieora because she made her cry.
  5. The next day, Big Sangji unnies came to her and told her to talk informally and consoled her.
  6. She had her backpack (which had cigarette burns) stolen by Kim Hieora.
  7. Claims Kim Hieora was the real leader of Big Sangji.

“B” revealed that she told her husband she was hit by Kim Hieora. She also revealed that “A” was also hit, which gave her story credibility.

Dispatch also spoke with “C” who is one year younger.

  1. She was called over to Big Sangji and was assaulted.
  2. She was hit for not bowing 90 degrees and for shortening her skirt and because they didn’t like her.
  3. She was hit on the back of her head by Kim Hieora many times.
  4. Kim Hieora would say, “You f@cking bxtch,” and “You’re f@cking pissing me off,” and then hit her.
  5. Kim Hieora spread rumors that she was hitting on an oppa.
  6. Kim Hieora’s cursing on The Glory was triggering for her and so she spoke with her fellow classmates.
  7. In her group chat, someone said, “Besides the drugs, Kim Hieora is acting as herself.”

“C” also revealed that she remembered a younger student took money from her, saying that she was giving it to Hieora unnie.

Dispatch then spoke with “D” who was born in 1990, and revealed Kim Hieora’s status at school.

  1. Big Sangji always extorted money. We had to give them money.
  2. Kim Hieora was a pivotal member of Big Sangji.
  3. She was shocked to see Kim Hieora holding a cigarette with chopsticks. She used to do that in Middle School.
  4. When asked if Kim Hieora smoked, “C” said she knew because she smoked with her.
  5. Big Sangji would curse you out if you didn’t bow. Kim Hieora was the scariest person.
  6. Said she contacted her classmates after watching The Glory. 

Dispatch then revealed that Kim Hieora met with them and denied all of the allegations. Although the actress admitted to being part of Big Sangji, she denied ever hitting anyone and revealed she had actually stepped in to stop her friends from hitting the victims. Dispatch then revealed that alleged Victims “A” and “B” had changed their words. Below is a translation.

September 9, 2023

Next, “A” and “B” changed their stories.

“A” told a different media outlet, “I am a victim of school bullying, but Kim Hieora didn’t bully me. I realized my memory was incorrect, so I asked Dispatch not to release the story, but they didn’t listen to me and released the story. I want to set things right.”

Dispatch didn’t use “A”‘s testimony in the original article.

September 10, 2023

Let’s see how “B” changed their story.

“B” told DongIl Sports “I went to Dispatch with ‘A.’ After hearing that I was called a ‘bat’ (someone who changes sides) I was upset and so lied.

“B” never came to Dispatch. “B” only spoke with us over the phone. We are not the ones who told “B” that Kim Hieora’s friends called her a bat. She claims that she lied? [sic] “A” told Dispatch that “B” was hit assaulted.

Dispatch never used testimonies from “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D.” Despite this, “A” and “B” lied to different outlets.

Dispatch then claimed that they were simply messengers and that they should not be held accountable for the alleged victims’ lies. Dispatch finally ends its article by stating that Kim Hieora was attacking the messenger and that this doesn’t change the fact that she was a school bully.


Dispatch’s latest article comes at a time in which Dispatch is receiving increased scrutiny after Kim Hieora’s other classmates stepped up to defend the actor.

Kim Hieora’s Former Schoolmate Makes Bombshell Revelation — Turns Controversy On Its Head

Dispatch then released a transcription of an alleged phone call between Kim Hieora and an alleged victim, which Kim Hieora’s label has since criticized as contrived and heavily edited.

Kim Hieora’s Agency Responds To Dispatch’s Exposé Of The Recorded Phone Call Between Her And An Alleged Victim

Kim Hieora has continuously denied all allegations.



Source: Dispatch
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