Kim Hieora’s Agency Responds To Dispatch’s Exposé Of The Recorded Phone Call Between Her And An Alleged Victim

They responded to Korean media with a statement.

Actress Kim Hieora, famous for her role as the bully Lee Sa Ra in The Glory, was embroiled in bullying accusations. Dispatch recently revealed a phone conversation between an alleged victim and Kim Hieora. The conversation took place on September 8, 2023. Before the conversation, Kim Hieora had also repeatedly asked the victim to meet up in person.

In response to the exposé, Kim Hieora’s agency Gram Entertainment, spoke to OSEN News.

We are taken aback by the edited records of the phone call. We will be releasing the parts that were not made public.

— Gram Entertainment

They also stated that they would be reorganizing the materials before making an official statement about the unpublished parts of the call.

Kim Hieora was accused of being a bully. Victims claimed to have experienced monetary extortion and bullying by the actress. On the other hand, others have stepped up to defend the actress. Kim Hieora herself has firmly claims of bullying, admitting to only being a bystander as part of the group.

Source: OSEN