“Victim” Of Alleged “Sexual Harassment” From Kim Hieora And Lee A Jin Steps Up With Her Statement

She denied all speculations.

Actresses Kim Hieora and Lee A Jin were earlier accused of sexual harassment towards a fellow colleague. They had asked her questions related to pregnancy during an Instagram Q&A. The questions were shown publicly, resulting in fans being upset on behalf of the actress in question.

Actors Kim Hieora And Lee A Jin Are Hit With New Allegations Accusing Them Of Bullying Another Actress

Lee A Jin has already stepped forward to deny the allegations. She denied any malicious intent towards her colleague. Following this, the actress in question took to her Instagram to clarify the situation.

The actress’ Instagram story. | theqoo

She claimed that it was all a misunderstanding, and that she had not been upset at the questions.

I was contacted and I was shocked to find out about the situation, so I’m only leaving a post now.

I’ve come to write a post about it, as I think many people who were worried about this matter are increasingly misunderstanding it. During the live stream in question back then, I saw a comment that told me that I could check the questions from the Q&A. So I pulled up the window with the questions and that was how all the questions I received became visible to all. (At that point of time, the questions that were made visible were not ones that I was receiving in real time. The questions that I received prior to turning on the live stream were shown.)

After pulling up the window, I didn’t realize that other people apart from myself could also see the questions. And so, I continued the live stream without answering that question.

At the point where I saw the question through the Q&A, as we had already shared much conversation on the topic, I simply thought of it as an extension of our conversation and did not feel upset by it. I wish to tell you that the question was not one that was meant to attack me.

If I had known that such questions would be shown publicly at that point in time, I would have quickly explained it to the viewers tuning in. I feel responsible for things getting out of hand as I was not able to recognize this.

I have already spoken to the actresses in question, and I hope that there will be no more misunderstanding. Thank you for worrying this much about me.

— Actress

The actress in question remains publicly unnamed by the media and netizens, so as to protect her.

Source: Theqoo
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