Kim Hyun Joong Parodies His Iconic “Boys Over Flowers” Scene A Whole 14 Years Later


2nd generation idol star Kim Hyun Joong recently recreated an iconic scene of his in 2009 hit drama, Boys Over Flowers. The show was one of the first K-Dramas to hit mainstream popularity overseas. Currently in 2023, the drama has been trending again as memes, due to its over-the-top acting and cringey lines.

Kim Hyun Joong was fully dedicated to the parody. He even managed to recruit the same actor that did the scene with him back then. This was not an easy feat, for the actor is not Korean. Back then, A’ST1’s Haiming featured in the scene as Jihoo’s foreigner friend. The purposeful mispronunciation and butchered grammar became a popular meme later on.

Haiming easily agreed to appearing in the parody. After A’ST1 disbanded in 2009, Haiming went back to China to open his own entertainment company.

Fans were awed at how Kim Hyun Joong didn’t seem to age.

Netizen comments on Kim Hyun Joong’s Instagram.
  • Seeing this, Kim Hyun Joong really aged like fine wine.
  • Jihoo sunbae is the same as ever.

Others commented on how much they missed him.

Netizen comments on Kim Hyun Joong’s Instagram.

We’d definitely love to see Kim Hyun Joong appear in K-Dramas again! Meanwhile, fans of Boys Over Flowers can rest assured that he has not forgotten about the hit franchise!

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